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Explanation for why Caroline's Important Life Diary was created is now up on the game's page.

Caroline's Important Life Diary released today on the Xbox 360 Marketplace! CILD is a short story game where you can choose what happened to Caroline in her life and with the "C.O.O.L.-girls".

If you review games, regularly write or talk about games publicly, stream game videos, promote games, or educate, we can provide you with a copy.

Today's update patch (v1.02) finally enabled you to purchase the "Rampant dodgems" rescue operation. It costs 1 USD / 103 JPY / 0.8 GBP / 1 EUR.
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There's an update patch (v1.01) available now for Saviour Sammie on PS Vita and PS TV. When starting the game with a WiFi-connection available, you'll be asked whether you want to update or not. If you download the game for the first time you will get the updated version.

The patch and the game will only be available until the 10th of September so download it here.
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Saviour Sammie launches today, exclusively for PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®TV! This simple arcade game is Fabresoft's first release since starting the website too!

You are Sammie's new ambulance bus driver, and it's your job to bounce Sammie on the bus roof and drive the unfortunate snabells to the hospital. Lots of snabells are being found in the most precarious situations, caught in burning buildings or abandoning sinking ships, so after Sammie evacuates them you have to pick them up before they fall. Miss one and you fail! It's all about honing your bouncing skills in order to top your rescue record and save as many groups of snabells as possible.

It will only be available for a limited period of time. You only have three weeks to download it from the PlayStation®Mobile section of the PlayStation®Store if you want to play it. The good news is that the game... is free to download! And you can download it to your PS Vita until the 10th of September right here, via the game's page on the Fabresoft website. But after that, the game cannot be downloaded or re-downloaded, so make sure to get it while you can!

Go to the game page here to read more about the game or download it for your Vita!

You can also watch the launch trailer
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