Advanced Set The Rope On Fire Cartridge

  by Blueberry *

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A demake is like a remake, only more lo-fi than the original. So it's pretty much the opposite of a Hollywood remake, and also a lot more fun. Advanced Set The Rope On Fire Cartridge is a demake of Mazapán's 2008 Flash game "You have to burn the rope" made as if it were a game for the 1979 video game console Intellivision. You can play through both games in two minutes each but playing ASTROFC wouldn't make much sense without first finishing YHTBTR.

ASTROFC was made for TIGSource's Bootleg Demake Competition where it was voted 10th place out of 68 entries!

“As far as artgames go, Blueberry's Advanced Set The Rope on Fire Cartridge not only takes the cake, but it is the cake. This is art games. ”


“Hah; that was a lot of fun”

- Stephen Lavelle/increpare

Coverage: Rock, Paper, Shotgun, PlGSCENE, IGN & 1UP.

Download for Windows!

Platform: Windows
Created by: Blueberry *and Seviss

Box cover art

TIGSource forum thread


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