Caroline's Important Life Diary

  by Fraisheeps *

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When work on CILD started eight years ago, I wanted to tell what happened to Caroline. Not many people know how it is becoming twelve, being in Caroline’s shoes, and living Caroline’s Life. It’s really Important that people know this – not only the people around her – but actually the whole world. But nobody would care about this if it was just told on the Internet or even in a book, so I started making a game about Caroline. It has been made piece-by-piece and the finished game is like a short Diary excerpt of Caroline’s Life. Of course the player has to be involved when playing games, so they can make Caroline’s choices in the game. That means of the nine different endings, only one happened in Caroline’s Life. Was she cool enough to stay part of the “C.O.O.L.-girls”? Do people think that kind of "cool" really is cool? Anyway, you can try to play as Caroline and see how cool you would be. It’s good to experience life in Caroline’s shoes and know what really happened.
– Fraisheeps

The game can play out in seven directions, depending on player decisions.

Download for Xbox 360!

Platform: Xbox 360
Created by: Fraisheeps
*Mastering and XBLIG port: Blueberry
Release date:
Canada, USA, Japan, Singapore, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden. Until September 2017.

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